Sunday, January 24, 2010

kadang² buat baek pn org tasuke.

"we, tido awal esok kite nk kene solat subuh"
"ah poyo la mamat ni. bajet gempak la tuh. igt aku tasolat ker"

"we ko da bace quran lom utk arini?"
"stiap ari bace. igt aku org kapir ke"


peribahasa melayu : "jangan jaga tepi kain orang"

hadis kate : "barangsiapa yang tidak peduli kan urusan saudara mereka, maka dia bkn dikalangan mereka"

fixed : "jagalah tepi kain orang, tapi jangan masuk dalam kain dia"
ops, sile bersihkan fikiran yang kotor itu!

anugerah sasterawan utk aku mungkin?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1. i've finished my midyear exam - my first exam as a medical student. hooray for me!

2. though i have finished my exam, it still remains boring as there's nobody to get along with. everybody is in exam mode still.

3. i'm somehow skeptical. there are people easily managed to skipped their usual routine (reading. playing games, surf internet, football etc) during the exam period. whileas i'm very reluctant to skip it. huh~

4. there are better people. not just they leave their usual routine, they managed to put extra time on adding their ibadah during the exam period. how bout me though? huh~

5. some people just dont study unless the exam schedule is out. does this mean they study just for exam ?

6. it's really upsetting to see people valuate people by their exam result. exam is just exam. i've seen people able to explain about the body defense system but didn't excelled in biology. its just maybe because the examiner just doesn't like the way they answer or maybe they were just nervous during the exam. in the other hand, there are people who just cant understand about mole, but managed to excel in chemistry just because they have already answered the question from a book he bought in the book store. the bottom line is, it's back to Allah's will.

7. exam in egypt is by far the best exam-experience yet. why?
  • there are people selling tea during exam. bigenih (one egypt pound)
  • seeing people being caught red-handed cheating is a must. and because of that, the exam hall has never been quiet
  • the exam will only be held after a notice from the dean. it's like "okay, two weeks to midyear exam"
  • arabic like to pray for you. before the exam they will handshake and say "robbuna yusahhil", "insyaAllah kher" etc etc
  • if the lecturer has no time to make the questions for exam, the exam will be canceled and changed to an assignment maybe. this only apply to additional subject only.
  • and many more.

8. i'm suppose to be back on lecture days. but we made an unofficial pasca-exam holiday. not so long btw. haha.

9. winter's around the corner. starting to plan.

10. homesick ?

please. exam is just exam.

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