Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I thought I had done all the good deeds,
but when I read the seerah,
I realized I was well below their standards.

I thought I had done the worst thing in my life,
but when I read the newspaper,
I realized that I was not so bad.

I thought I had support in my friends,
but as time gets though
they disappear on their own way

I thought my life was going well,
suddenly I tripped
and never got up

Sometimes I try
picking myself up
seems quite impossible

Suddenly I found light
but I was stopped by uncertainty
and dragged back by lack of confidence

I tried everything I could
it seems to get worse
as I was alone
Lost in the middle of nowhere


3 Responses to Lost S02E05:

  1. WALAWEI, wat sendiri ke bro?

    (gaya otai) :p

  1. ade full series? nak sikit

  1. taminat lah tgk cite2 besiri ni.

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