Monday, April 11, 2011

Bismillah. praise to Allah the Almighty.

i stand and watch. it was a competitive match as the league leaders faces the team ranked second. with just a point separating both teams, it was sure to be fierce and - for the lovers of the game - entertaining.

but then, it ended 0-0. i made my own post-match self-interviews to the players. some are satisfied with the result. some are just bothered they didnt get a goal or two. and a player was cursing to himself as he missed a last minute chance to win the game.

it all depends on how they approached the game, i thought.

+ + + + + + +

i came to a conclusion that in everything we do, there's always three things in the thoughts of people;

(a) the aim of what he's doing
(b) to improve what he's doing
(c) to enjoy what he's doing

a quick example. if a guy plays football;
(a) he plays for the money, ukhuwah (fuiyo!), fame or maybe the girls (?)
(b) he plays to improve the skills and tricks. improve passing and interplay maybe.
(c) he enjoys playing the game. yeah!

gambar arkib ; futsal Azhar Ain Shams 2010

for me, its sometime good to play for the prize. but not always. sometime you need to enjoy the game. and maybe another time go out and try new stuffs to improve what you already have.

and yeah, this does not apply to football only.

2 Responses to enjoy and move:

  1. marathon also, bebeh

    anyway... gambar juara piala MB kedah xda? isk!

  1. kejap ada kejap xde, blog pun boleh jadi hollow man?

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